Updating Email Signature Information

This video guide explains how to allow users updating email signature information by using the Xink client app. This is currently only supported on the Windows client app.

We will walk you through how to edit and updating email signature information:

  • Setting up which fields you allow users to being able to update themselves
  • Adding fields to the email signature templates
  • Updating email signature information through the client app
  • Allowing users to update Pictures and LinkedIn information by using the Xink client app for Windows

We explain in this video how to set Xink up to allow updating email signature information by themselves by using the Xink client app..

Let us know what you think. Send us an email to info@xink.io of what you think and if you believe that your Company would benefit from an optimized email signature. Getting started with a Xink Trial is very easy so we hope you will enjoy using Xink and trying it out. We are available almost around the clock for support questions and other questions you might have, and especially about allowing updating email signature information by the users themselves to get correct information in the email signatures.

Updating your email signature is easy with Xink!

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