FAQ - Exchange Connector

What is the Exchange Connector?

The Xink Exchange Connector is a connectivity tool that retrieves users and their email signatures from Xink, and adds them into a local SQL database in your domain. The purpose is to use these email signatures in your Exchange Server so that any users sending emails from mobile devices have the correctly branded email signature added to their message. It also allows OWA users to see the signature as they compose an email.

Can we use Xink if we have our own Exchange server?

Yes you can. The Exchange Connector allows you to use Xink signatures on your local Exchange server. You don’t need to use Office 365 or G Suite to be able to use Xink.

Does Exchange Connector work with mobile devices?

Yes it does. It allows you to ensure correctly branded email signatures when sending emails from any mobile device through your Exchange Server.

When are signatures updated in Exchange Server?

You set up Exchange Connector as a Windows scheduled task. You can update the signatures as often as you wish (fair use policy applies). Most customers run the updates on a daily schedule.

Do I need to have a local SQL Server?

Yes. You need an SQL Server to store the signatures. You will get a ‘Create’ script to create the database.

Is a local Access database supported?

No. We do not support Access databases. You need to have a working SQL Server for the Exchange Connector to work.

Do you have an Infographic that illustrates how this works?

Yes! You can learn more about Exchange Connector on our Infographics page.

How does Exchange Connector get the signatures from Xink?

You will need to create an API user in Xink with the correct credentials. You can learn more about this process in our support article.

Do we need to install anything on our Exchange Server?

Yes, you need to install the gateway solution. This connects to the settings database which contains the signatures (sync’ed from Xink). The gateway solution is completely safe to install, and has been maintained and developed since 2009.

Which Exchange Servers are supported?

Exchange Server 2016, 2013 and 2010. Older Exchange Servers are not supported.

Which ports are used for communication?

For local domain communication to SQL Server port 1433 is used per default. Port 443 (SSL) is used to communicate with Xink API.

What do I need to Install?

You need to first install the Exchange Connector. This will push the signatures and users from Xink to your local environment. If you want to use the mobile signatures you need also to install the Exchange Mobile Gateway on your Exchange Server. This will connect your Exchange Server to your database, and hence use the signatures pushed from Xink. Here is more information on how to install the Exchange Connector and here is how to install the Exchange Mobile gateway.


What We’ll Cover in Our Demo

  • Creating Company Signatures
  • How To Share Signatures
  • Running Signature Campaigns
  • Tracking Results And ROI
"With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience."
- Tim Buchanan

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"With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience."
- Tim Buchanan