Xink now fully supports – and integrates with – your G Suite Global Directory.

G Suite Global Directory

What does this mean for you? Well, for our G Suite customers, it means that user information, including names and email addresses, for all users will now be automatically replicated and transferred over to Xink, allowing you to seamlessly leverage your existing database information in our email signature management program.

Better yet, when new users are added to your G Suite global Directory (new hires, for example), they will automatically be added to your Xink database as well; hence, their email signatures will be available to you straight away. Our G Suite integration is very similar, in fact, to our ADExport functionality, in which we can sync user information from Active Directory over to Xink, thus keeping the directory alive. It works and acts in much the same way.

Why G Suite Global Directory Integration Matters

We make a point of creating usable, beneficial features for our cloud-based software program, as it is our intention that Xink be the most helpful tool possible for marketing managers and business owners. We already enable users to design and set up G Suite email signatures; database integration was the next natural step. With Google’s G Suite family of applications and programs being one of the most popular and renowned in the world, it only makes sense that we make it possible to easily integrate Xink with G Suite global Directory.

For you, the client, integration with your G Suite global Directory means a smoother workflow and more control over your branding and marketing initiatives. Think about it: you already have all of your employees in your G Suite global Directory. Why, then, should you have to manually add these individuals into Xink in order to push branded email signatures to individuals throughout your organization? The answer is you shouldn’t! Which is why we offer complete integration with G Suite. If your organization uses Gmail and the entire family of G Suite applications, you can rest easy knowing that the transition over to Xink will be quick and painless.

Integrate Your G Suite Global Directory Today

If your organization utilizes Gmail and Google’s family of G Suite applications and products, our centralized email signature management software is a perfect match. With easy integration, deploying customized and consistent email signatures to everyone in your G Suite Global Directory becomes a painless affair. And in turn, you leverage your entire organization’s combined communications for branding and marketing.

Happy Xink’ing.