Company email signature – How to set them

This video guide explains how to set your company email signatures after you have got started with Xink.

We will walk you through how to set your company default signature based on different options:

  • Default Company email signature for new names and reply/forwards
  • Individual email signature settings if some employees need special email signatures set
  • Rule based deployment which set your default email signatures based on actual information for your users.
  • You will learn which method will suit you best based on your requirements and logic for your company email signature.

We explain in this video how to choose the deployment method that suits you best based on your requirements.

Let us know what you think. Send us an email to of what you think and if you believe that something is missing. Getting started with a Xink Trial is very easy so we hope you will enjoy using Xink and trying it out. We are available almost around the clock for support questions and other questions you might have, and especially about setting your company email signatures so you can start leveraging nice looking email signatures.

Getting started with a Xink Trial is very easy!