Xink Dashboards Explained

Xink Dasboards explained in detail in this tutorial. We walk through how the Xink Campaign dashboard metrics can be read such as campaign openings and click throughs, but also how to identify the top performing employees regarding campaign performance.

We also explain how the Xink dashboards for Brand and Campaign can give you a great overview of your email signature updates. Both Brand and Campaign editions of Xink have their own dashboards with different metrics.

The Xink dahsboards are a vital part of our solution to manage email signatures. Instead of providing numerous log files which need to be analysed and parsed, it is much easier to give a graphical and visual overview of what is happening in your account. It is of course extremely valuable for the core information you need but also in a trouble shooting scenario.

Let us know what you think. Send us an email to of what you think and if you believe that something is missing. Getting started with a Xink Trial is very easy so we hope you will enjoy using Xink and trying it out. We are available almost around the clock for support questions and other questions you might have, and especially about our Xink dashboards.