Xink On-Premises

Xink's On-Premises solution is for you who want to centrally manage your company's email signatures but don't want to go the cloud way.

The solution is targeted to Enterprise customers with own on-premises Exchange Server and have data to merge into the email signatures from own SQL Server or Active Directory.

It is built for maximum flexibility and scalability in your on-premises infrastructure.

If you want to control email signatures for your mobile devices as well, you utilize the Mobile module, signatures for OWA can easily be deployed as well and you have advanced email signature campaign facilities.


Added flexibility by integrating with your Legacy Systems

Intelligently use your SQL Server data and integrate them into your email signatures

Complete your email signatures with data from your backend SQL Server rather than Active Directory.

Use the rule-based deployment to distribute different signatures across different units, groups and divisions. Active Directory integration is naturally also supported fully or you can combine the two sources.


Ensure emails look professional when sent from mobile devices

Consistent and compliant email signatures sent from smartphones and tablets directly from your own on-premises Exchange server

Xink's Mobile Module enables you to maintain a professional appearance no matter which device you use to send your emails. It guarantees a consistent look and feel across Android, iPhone and Windows phones and lets you include images, logos and links in your email signature.

The next time you send an email from your smartphone, you can have a consistent email signature and promote your company’s events and press releases instead of advertising for the maker of your smartphone.

Xink's Mobile Module is included in the standard package with full support for Exchange 2016 down to Exchange 2007.

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Schedule Email Signature Marketing Campaigns

Schedule targeted campaigns and marketing messages with your email signatures

Xink turns the ‘dead space’ of your email signature into conversion and revenue generating real estate, by including images, links, advertising messages, brand campaigns and more!

Give this some thought: Every day, your employees sends a lot of email from their work inbox, every one of them to a targeted and trusting audience. It is highly likely that the open rate for these emails approaches 100%! So why not take advantage of this effective, low-cost marketing channel?

Let's do the math: if your business has around 200 employees and each of them sends only 50 emails in an average working day, that is 10,000 emails sent, opened and read every single day. In a year we are talking around 2.4 million emails that could be working harder for your brand, as well as driving revenue.

Xink's Marketing Module is the most flexible on-premises solution on the market providing campaigns by rules, departments and signatures. The feature list is endless.

Enforce consistency for emails sent from Outlook Web App (OWA)

Compliant email signatures via Outlook Web App (OWA)

With Xink's OWA Module, the same signature that appears in Outlook can now appear on emails sent remotely through OWA when using your on-premises Exchange solution. Finally, you can avoid having different email signatures based on where the email is sent from.

Support for Exchange 2016 to Exchange 2007.

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Sending on behalf of others just got easier

If you have secretaries or other staff who can send emails on your behalf then Assistant Module is for you

Now it’s easy to send emails on behalf of others using the correct email signature. This great feature is popular with law firms, financial institutions, real estate businesses and many other businesses, large and small. Our Assistant module offers significant time saving, as well as the peace of mind
of knowing your emails will always look professional.

With our Assistant Module you can easily make other person’s email signatures available to an assistant. Simply just select the other person’s signature by right-clicking the email signature field and then select the other person’s signature. Simple, easy and intuitive.

“I often have to send emails on behalf of the Regional Director, and previously I had to cut and paste his email
signature from old emails! Xink's Assistant module is so straightforward. I can choose the email signature of any of our senior staff and insert it in an email with just a few clicks!”

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  • Running Signature Campaigns
  • Tracking Results And ROI
"With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience."
- Tim Buchanan

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"With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience."
- Tim Buchanan